Nicole Miles is an extremely gifted and amazing person. She is a friendly and down to earth person whose passion is to see people lead a more stress free, enjoyable and healthy life. I have experienced the following with Nicole –

Psychic Medium & Personal Spiritual Development…… Such an amazing psychic reading which was extremely accurate in both past, current and future information. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere which helped me on my pathway of life changing decisions.

Nicole’s expertise and desire to develop spiritual gifts is truly amazing and has helped me grow in many areas of my spiritual life and journey.

Meditation and Healing Class…….a warm and friendly environment to come and not just be led through a wonderful relaxing guided meditation, but to also help heal and release stress emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Nicole has a gentle and relaxing voice that leads you through a different meditation each week that is uplifting and helps your life to be happier, more peaceful and more enjoyable.

Crystal Light Bed Therapy & Intuitive Healer…..I must admit I was a bit of a sceptic at first on how a crystal bed and intuitive healing could possibly help all of my chronic illnesses, but after a few sessions, I am a totally changed person!! My health has improved tremendously, I have more mental clarity to make important life decisions, I am more emotionally stable and happy and physically I have never felt better in my life! After 25 years of chronic illness, and having every medical test, trying every alternative herbal treatment, and everything else out there that has been a very costly exercise, this has been by far the most effective treatment I have had.

Nicole has an amazing ability to know exactly what treatment your body needs for optimal vibrant health. I can’t thank Nicole enough for being able to help my body become stronger and healthier again and giving me my life back after so many years of chronic illness – THANKYOU!!!!

– Kelly

I am delighted to write this testimonial for the gorgeous Nicole as testimony to the value and healing benefits of her Crystal Healing Bed, her wonderful and amazing gifts, her connection to spirit and all that is LOVE. Her guidance during her meditation classes is just beautiful I always leave feeling relaxed and connected to my higher source. Nicole was chosen, by John of God, (Joao de Deus) on her recent healing trip at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil to receive the honour of becoming a Casa Guide taking groups to see this amazing healer. I will be joining her on her first trip as a guide, she is so professional, caring, loving,compassionate and full of fun!!! I would recommend Nic to anyone needing loving guidance & support for any healing they may need.

– Chrissy H

Hi Nic, thank you so much for the Crystal Light bed, It allows my body to heal and let the spirits work on areas that need work. I feel very calm, relaxed and energised when I leave.

– Tina

I look forward to developing my meditation skills each week. I have learnt the importance of clearing my mind and seeing through my third eye. Thank you for your support and guidance and cant wait to learn more techniques in advancing my skills

– Ricki

Nicole is a truly gifted medium and healer. I am truly grateful that there are people like Nicole in the world. She is very kind, welcoming and has a great sense of humour. When I attend Nicole’s Meditation and Healing classes; I feel that my health and well being is greatly enhanced. The classes are very positive and empowering and I am able to use the tools learned in the classes in my everyday life for things such as stress management. Having these tools is a blessing! As a mum it is great to give that time (the classes) to myself to work on my own health and wellbeing which benefits not only me but my family.

Thank you so much or all that you do.

– Amy Raso

Nicole Miles, where do I start?

I’ve known Nicole since the end of 2011. After my parents spending close to $3000 on psychologists, doctor appointments and medication to help with depression, anxiety and sleeping, she was honestly my last resort. After my first session with Nicole she taught me how to control my anxiety with white light and breathing techniques. I achieved more in one hour with her then I did in the countless doctor and psychologist appointments I had attended over the 12 months. She taught me more then anyone could ever imagine. Although I no longer suffer with any mental illnesses, I still frequently go to healing appointments with Nicole and am still learning and growing in many aspects each time. I owe so much to the beautiful, kind soul she is, not only did she save me, but I gained a beautiful friend.

– Ellen

Nic Miles has changed my life…I have had the honour of consulting Nic on numerous occasions, have felt enormous benefits from Crystal light bed therapy and participated in many of her meditation workshops.

Nic has given me something I never thought I could ever feel…Self Love…..For the first time in 25+ years I can look myself in the mirror and like myself…l feel…Alive…Positive…Strong…Relevant and Worthy. She has given me the knowledge and tools to move forward in my life and stop bathing in my baggage!…Let go of my past and move forward.

– Dana

What I love about Nicole is she doesn’t sugar coat anything.  You will hear the truth about your past present and future – yet she is such a gentle and compassionate person  that you feel at ease as soon as you meet her.   She works with her guides to give you advice on direction and choices to be made.

Nicole’s accuracy is quite scary.  She has told me so many things that no one else could know about and has foretold of events that I wouldn’t have thought possible and they have eventuated.

I always feel so much better after having a reading with Nicole, she has put me back on my path many times and walk away feeling calm and empowered.

I and my teenage sons see Nicole regularly and participate in her meditation sessions.  Something I never saw myself doing before.  She’s so natural and down to earth it doesn’t feel like it’s ‘out of this world – scary, hippy’ stuff that I used to think meditation would be.

The group is small and friendly and Im a much calmer, happier mother  for attending her weekly sessions.

The Crystal Light Bed healing bed sessions are honestly out of this world.  If you need a sign or are sceptical about the spirit world existing and need a clear and physical sign that they are working to help us – the Crystal Light Bed will negate any doubt.

I was once a skeptic – however after experiencing the bed and the ‘Sitting in current’ sessions I know that angels are amongst us every day and have physically experienced their presence.

– Kelly Bryant

The first words that come to mind when, I think of Nicole Miles, Is amazing, gifted psychic Medium!

I have been to quite a few mediums and thought they were all very good with their gift. However it wasn’t until I meet Nicole that I realised, what a totally gifted psychic Medium was.


I had my first crystal bed healing with Nicole, two years ago and this was the most amazing experience. I am a mother of 5 children and life is always busy and can be stressful. I believe having crystal bed healings, have helped deal with my stress levels, with so much more ease!!!

The crystal bed healings are something my whole family have grown to love and they to also feel, less stressed and at ease afterwards!

The health benefits, the crystals bed healings have provided to my family have been amazing.

Nicole Miles also has the most amazing crystals that are of high grade, the crystals are priced at such great prices for their high quality. This is my one stop, shop for crystals, as I know I am getting the BEST.

Not only is Nicole an amazing gifted psychic medium, but is the most caring, loving and time giving person.


Thank you for the help, love and care you have given to my whole Family!!!!

– Leeanne Williams

I was lucky enough to have Nicole come into my life at a time when things were in a desperate situation for myself and my family. With Nicoles amazing spiritual gifts and guidance we were able to come back to a place of happiness and joy.

From that point on I have been to many of Nicoles beautiful meditation classes, psychic development workshops and have also felt the amazing benefits of her crystal light bed sessions. Nicole is there every step of the way for my spiritual development and is such a positive influence with my journey. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.

– Donna G

Nicole is an amazing person who has this incredible energy that draws you to her. I take my children and myself to her for crystal bed healings, which help on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. My mother has just started going and tells me how amazing Nicole is, as if I didn’t already know!! I also attend her meditation classes which are conducted in a welcoming and friendly environment. Nicole equips us with many techniques to help us in our everyday lives. Her knowledge, understanding and abilities are amazing! She has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I am thoroughly enjoying these new learning experiences.

– Jane

Nicole somehow managed to help me to resolve emotional issues that had been ongoing for decades. I had had a great deal of help in the past, but it was with, and through, Nic’s warmth, strength and undoubted skills that I now find myself in a much calmer, stronger place. I bless the day that she came into my life. Thankyou Nic xx

– Chris M

Thank you Nicole! Your workshop and meditation groups have guided me through grief and renewed my zest for life.

I now have a positive outlook on my past and the rest of my life.

– Celia

I have been blessed to meet and get to know Nicole Miles for the past few years through my best friend. Nicole is an amazing, caring and spiritually gifted lady.

I have had the opportunity of experiencing the powerful healing Crystal Light bed, Sitting in Current and the wonderful meditation classes on a Friday morning. From someone who suffers anxiety my experiences have been life changing. The room gives off a peaceful and powerful energy that words can’t describe and I would recommend everyone to experience what I have experienced.

Love and Light to you all…

– Flick

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years, searching for the perfect spiritual teacher, healer and medium. And finally I have found her! Nicole is amazing, she is welcoming, caring and real, her way of teaching and just talking to you makes incorporating spirituality into your everyday life easier. A one-stop-shop for psychic development. Thanks Nic!

– Renee Houston